Air Duct Cleaning Dayton Ohio

Why Air Duct Cleaning?

The average family home creates 40 pounds of dust per year, the majority of which gets caught in your duct system. For people with allergies and asthma, breathing in that dust is a health hazard. Excess dust can also put extra wear on your HVAC system.

Dirty ducts drastically reduce system lifespan, as dust particles build up on and clogs sensitive mechanical components. Keeping your HVAC system in great shape for another year can offset the cost of duct cleaning. When dust particles settle in your HVAC system, it forces the components to work harder to heat or cool your home, rendering even the most efficient HVAC systems wasteful. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25% to 40% of the energy used for heating or cooling a home is wasted—much of it from dirty duct work.

An air duct cleaning from Extreme’s One Hour Heating and Air can help your health, make your system last longer, and save you money in the long run. We are conveniently located in Beavercreek and service the greater-Dayton region.

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Before and After Air Duct Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my air ducts be cleaned?
The National Air Duct Cleaning Association recommends cleaning your ducts every 3 to 4 years. Having pets or using thinner air filters may require cleanings every 2 years.
Does a standard duct cleaning include sanitizer?
No, sanitizer is not included but can be added at an additional charge.
Can you clean dryer vents as well?
Yes, for an additional fee we can clean dryer vents.
How long does it take?
A typical duct cleaning will take 2-3 hours depending on the size of the home.
What type of equipment is used?
We use a state of the art, high powered, truck mounted vacuum system.
How long have you been cleaning air ducts? 
Our lead technician has been a certified air cleaning specialist for 8 years and we have been cleaning ducts in Dayton for the last three years.
Do you offer Saturday service? 
Yes, we can schedule duct cleanings on Saturdays and can schedule tune-up maintenance Saturdays and Sundays.


Derraya Miller –

I would HIGHLY recommend this company. The same day I called the company came out. Melanie and Diane (receptionist) were very nice
and provided great customer service. Mike and Caleb came to my home to clean my dryer vent and they did a WONDERFUL job. In doing
the job, they were very professional and explained everything to me so that I understood what they were about to do. Please use them
and refer them, you will not be disappointed.

Garvis L.

Mike and the crew were courteous, friendly and professional In addition, they offered a military discount. Kudos

Shirley W.-

Mike and Caleb were very courteous and professional technicians .. they cleaned my ducts and dryer vent I left my property in excellent condition. I would recommend them to anyone.

Rachel Romano –

I recently moved into a house that has dog hair in every possibly nook & cranny and seemingly never had the furnace filters changed. I called Extreme about duct cleaning and it’s the best thing I could have done for a fresh clean start! The guys were so courteous and efficient and really took their time to remove a mountain of the dust, dog hair, dirt, and even a few dead mice (eek!). They also did a sanitizing spray into each vent and my allergies say thanks!! I highly recommend Extreme and their air duct cleaning service if you haven’t had your ducts cleaned in a while! It makes a difference in the air flow and quality of air!

Vicki W. –

Very professional, polite, and made no mess for me to clean up.

Marshall G. –

Very pleased with customer service. I would highly recommend.

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